Some walk through life with joie de vivre

 Gerry Glaser

Gerry was one of my favorite running buddies.  We did five marathons together bemoaning every day all the endless hours needed to train.  Among his multiple talents, Gerry was a brilliant wordsmith.  He regularly wrote letters to members of our running group. This is the last poem he wrote for our group before he passed away with a brain tumor eight years ago.  I often think of his dry wit, special flare in how he dressed, and his long-standing friendship. 


Some walk through life with joie de vivre; some tiptoe through with caution

With some there’s lithe and fluid grace, with other great contortions

There are some clear-eyed vision types who seem never to be squinting

Other jog with apparent ease, yet sometimes trip while sprinting

This daily trek along life’s trails may have wearied some morning voices

Yet early they rise for they’ve discovered they don’t have many choices

As they make their way along life’s trails, wherever they may roam

Remember a friend who honored you with this modest little poem.