You can smile because he has lived.

Mary Cagney and David Harkins

This is a letter my friend Mary created using the poem “He is Gone” by David Harkins and adding her own healtfelt thoughts regarding the recent passing of my husband, Ed Lauber.

Dear Marsha,

You can smile because he has lived.

You can shed tears because he is gone.

You can be full of love that you shared.

You can be empty because you can’t see him.

You can cry and you can smile.

At the heart of it, you are your own pioneer on this journey.

No one can feel it like you do.

There are no rights or wrongs on the journey.

Just follow your heart.  It’s always been good to you.

Let yourself feel, wherever you want.

It is a time of great permission.

Be very generous to yourself.


And, of course, think about us having lunch soon.

Mary Cagney

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