Sbagliato Cocktail

Printed with permission of Amy Zavatto, Prosecco made me do it

With this week’s posting themed around making mistakes, I thought these two recipes—both based on  someone’s error—would be delicious fun. They are from my friend, Amy Zavatto’s, recently published book on cocktails called Prosecco Made me do it. The first cocktail is called Sbagliato which means “mistake” in Italian. It originated when a bartender was making a Negroni for a customer and accidently picked up a bottle of Prosecco instead of Gin!  It was a big hit at my dinner party last night.  No mistake there!



1 fluid ounce Campari

1 fluid ounce sweet vermouth

2 fluid ounces brut-style Prosecco

1 wide piece of orange peel, for garnish


Pour the Campari, sweet vermouth, and Prosecco into an ice-filled double rocks glass.  Give it a stir and garnish with the orange peel. (Makes 1)

Amy also suggested another cocktail which came about when she made a mistake.  Here is her story. “For the cocktail Grown-Up Lemonade, I thought I had fresh lemons in my ‘fridge, but I must have used them all up the previous day. What I did have was some limoncello I’d made and a plethora of bitters from which to choose. I made this cocktail with my friend Wanda Mojica Acosta in mind — she loves vodka and is always asking me to make her something with it. I grabbed my limoncello and some lemon bitters to mimic that little bit of pleasant bitterness from the skins of lemon zest, and decided on a brut-style prosecco, because the sweetness in the limoncello seemed ample enough. And Voila, the Grown-Up Lemonade was born!”

Grown-up Lemonade


 1 ¼ fluid ounces vodka

¾ fluid ounce limoncello

3 dashes of lemon bitters

2-3 ounces of brut-style Prosecco

1 wide piece of lemon peel, for garnish


 Fill a double rocks glass with ice.  Pour in the vodka, limoncello, and bitters.  Give it a good stir.  Top with the Prosecco and garnish with lemon peel. (Makes 1)

While Amy and I were talking about making mistakes, she recounted her favorite story about a mistake her parents made years ago. “The thing about them is you just have to be open to what happens. Some mistakes are simply bad and all you can do is learn from them. Some mistakes are happy one as apparently, my parents did not at all mean for a fourth child to show up in their lives, but here I am!”