If only Emmanuel Macron were our President

Being a long-standing Francophile, I've followed French politics for years.  The recent election of the wunderkind President Emmanuel Macron has captured my imagination making me wonder what it might be like if we too had an exceptionally bright, global-thinking and charismatic leader here in America.  Like Trump, Macron is a bit of an upstart having only been marginally involved in government. Like Trump he knew what was needed to convert the voters to his side as he bravely launched his own party.  That’s where the comparison ends. Macron has galvanized world leaders under important issues such as global warming  becoming its guiding light, by default or design, now that the US no longer supports the cause.


President Macron has also had the backbone to address fundamental issues in the French social economic system which liberally favors the labor over the business owners who are hampered with crushing “womb to tomb” laws.  At the risk of losing popularity, Macron is taking a long view on how best to make France more competitive on the global scene and appears to be making strong headway.   


Keeping up with current hot button issues, Macron recently called French society "sick with sexism."  He has promised to make gender equality and combating violence against women one of his top priorities. Take note, Trump, how a President should lead. And, Macron didn’t even feel the need to tweet about it either.